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Varnost na dlani
  Safety in the palm
of your hand!

iHELP is a mobile phone application that creates a care network bringing family, friends, first responders, and professional rescuers closer together in cases of emergency.

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iHELP application for saving lives
iHELP saving lives with bracelet and mobile app
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iHELP provides more safety:

Varnost doma
at home
suitable for people who live alone,
for people with dementia, elderly,
children, diabetics, heart patients ...
Varnost na potovanju
on the road
on the way to work, school,
while shopping, visiting a friend,
training, walk in the nature
Varnost v tujini
on vacation,
on a business trip

How to increase your safety:
1. iHELP is available for free download
  • An SOS message is sent by the user to family members, friends, professional rescuers, and other iHELP users within a 500m vicinity of the victim.
  • iHELP will receive an analysis of the situation which includes how many people received the SOS message, how many have responded to the SOS message and when help will arrive.
  • Instructions on basic first aid procedures are provided.
  • The app will carry out a search for the location of the nearest defibrillator (AED).
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users joined the
iHELP safety network
(UK market)

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2. Add family members and friends
  • Adding family and friends creates a personal Emergency Care Network (ECN).
  • This allows you to share your location and how you are feeling WITH YOUR ECN.
  • By downloading the app and adding your personal emergency care contacts you are able to provide help for other iHELP users in need.
Add your family members and friends

3. Find a defibrillator (AED)
Find an defibrillator

4. Check safety for your location
  • Distance from emergency medical services, fire-fighters or police.
  • How safe is your current location?
  • Check your chance of an emergency rescue in case of sudden cardiac arrest.
Check your security

Medication reminder
Notification reminders for elderly relatives in the form of SMS messages
  • Easy-to-set SMS medication reminders for the elderly.
  • Which medication you should take and at what time.
  • Feedback to your loved ones about timely intake of medication.
Medication reminder

Social responsibility
  • Working together with rescuers towards a social network of mutual assistance.
  • Raising individual awareness and strengthening communities.
  • Part of the revenue from iHELP products are given towards buying new AEDs.
  • Aiming at local community growth in strength and safety.
  • Every supporter counts.
Social responsibility

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