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  Seminar oživljanaj z uporbo defibrilatorja (AED) CPR
iHELP mobilna aplikacija za hitrejše nudenje prve pomoči Mobile
iHELP zdravstvena zapestnica Medical
iHELP zdravstvena kartica Health
iHELP basicThe application is free to download and is used to send SOS notification in cases of medical emergencies. It is suitable for all users of smartphones. iHELP mobile application increases safety and provides effective help in any type of emergency for all iHELP users.

What does the iHELP application enable?
  • Sends an SOS message which includes the location of the user, information about the emergency and other relevant medical data.
  • Activates the care network including friends, family members, and users in the area of the emergency.
  • Notifies all emergency services e.g. dials 112, 911 or 999 in the UK.
  • Provides a guide for basic CPR procedures.
  • Searches for the location of the nearest defibrillator (AED).
  • Provides general information and guidelines on how to respond to various injuries.

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App store for iOS

Registration procedure for new users
Choose language Login Register new user Add healt information
Sign in as new user Create new user Medical status/data Add ICE contacts
Features of iHELP application
Settings AED location Find and register AED Firs Aid content
Information and guidelines AED location Find and register AED Add ICE contacts
SOS notification procedure "I NEED HELP" button
Type and status of injury Your location Send SOS alarm  
Who needs help? Type and status of injury Your location
Who will receive SOS alarm:
  1. Your emergency contacts
    (friends & family members)
  2. Local community
    (iHELP users in your
    radius 500 meters)
  3. First responders
  4. Ambulance service

PREMIUM packages for additional safety
 SAFETY package 100 300 500 1000
   Number of licence (mobile phone number) 1 1 1 1
   Add your emergency contacts (ICE) 3 5 10 Klic v sili na številko 112
   Activates an emergency call (112, 911, 999...) Klic v sili na številko 112 Klic v sili na številko 112 Klic v sili na številko 112 Klic v sili na številko 112
   SOS alarming by iHELP notification SOS alarmiranje preko aplikacije SOS alarmiranje preko aplikacije Klic v sili na številko 112 Klic v sili na številko 112
   SMS alarming at HOME (your ICE) SMS alarmiranje doma - Slovenija SMS alarmiranje DOMA Klic v sili na številko 112 SOS alarmiranje preko aplikacije
   SMS alarming in ABROAD (your ICE) SMS alarmiranje v tujini SMS alarmiranje v tujini Klic v sili na številko 112 SMS alarmiranje DOMA
   Activating iHELP users in SOS radius 500 m 500 m 500 m +1.000 m
   Increase your safety by +200 % +500 % +700 % +1.200 %
  Monthly payment: Free 2,50 EUR 4,00 EUR 6,25 EUR
  Yearly payment: Free 30,00 EUR 40,00 EUR 60,00 EUR
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