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The iHELP health card is basically safety in your pocket. Imagine that you suddenly feel sick and collapse on the street where nobody knows you. Rescuers will come and provide emergency medical assistance. The iHELP card contains all necessary data, ICE contacts and medical status, such as allergies, medication intakes, and medical conditions. iHELP card provides relevant information to doctors, first respondents and rescuers, and thus also better emergency assistance and potential error prevention.

iHELP health card features
  • additional safety
  • contains personal data, ICE contacts, blood type, medical conditions, allergies, prescribed medications
  • laminated card
  • credit card size
Regular price: 8,11 EUR (VAT is not included)

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Date of birth: Example: 20.11.1978
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Allergies: Subscribe to something
you are allergic
Diseases: Enter diseases which you have
Medicines: Enter any medicines you use

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