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iHELP medical bracelet with SOS ID code for Medical record file

iHELP varnostna kartica
iHELP medical bracelet
iHELP bracelet has a special SOS ID code. Through SOS ID code rescuers can immediate access to medical data (diseases, allergies and medications) from the victim.

Imagine that you suddenly become weak and you collapse on the street, where nobody knows you. Rescuers will come and they will provide medical assistance. How do they know of your illness, allergies and any medicines you are using? But what if you find yourself in a situation abroad?

iHELP SOS ID code provides access to iHELP medical records (disease, medication and allergies) via the web user interface.

Why iHELP medical bracelet:
  • Get unique SOS ID code to use iHELP medical records.
  • SOS ID code is hidden in the inside of the bracelet.
  • 24-hour access to health data (app & web).
  • Safe and easy to use iHELP medical records.
  • Medical records accessible in different languages (Premium package: Assistance ABROAD).
  • Reminder for updater your medical record.
  • By buying bracelets you help us to build a network of defibrillators.
Price: 19,90 EUR
Order a bracelet and you'll increase your safety at home and on the road.

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iHELP zdravstvena kartica papirnata Assistance HOME / ABROAD
Unique SOS ID code, Medical record is only available in English, 24/7 access to data through the application and website. Medical record editing. Free yearly licence for Assistance HOME (the amount of annual license: 9,90 EUR).
iHELP mobilna aplikacija paket: Varnost 300 Premium iHELP application: Safety 300
In the app you can add five (5) emergency contacts. Sends SMS alarm to your emergency contacts (ICE). Free annual license of the Premium package (worth 30,00 EUR).
iHELP zdravstvena kartica papirnata iHELP health card
On the health card write your own health information (value card: 4,90 EUR).
iHELP Diners Club credit card iHELP Diners Club credit card
With each purchase of iHELP Diners Club credit card will devote funds for the defibrillator.
iHELP zdravstvena kartica papirnata We prepared some partner discounts
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